Scrooser Is a Moga Bike Descendant That Goes Electric

Saturday, June 15th 2013. | Transportation

When a bike builder has gone mad, he will probably build another two-wheeled monstrosity powered by an airplane engine like Frank Ohle. However, when he has gone attentive to environment, he might well dedicate his time to kick off an electric version of Harley Davidson, just like team from Scrooser Manufactory. Recently, the German team launched a Kickstarter campaign, hoping that they would draw some attention and raise enough fund to deliver the fat-wheeled scooter to the masses.


As interesting as it looks, Scrooser’s design is adopted from a classic scooter with its wheels swapped. The tires are so fat that the bike doesn’t even need any standard to stand upright, which makes me wonder how on earth this thing can maneuver in traffic congested road. Still, the maker is confident to claim that it helps riders “through urban areas efficiently.” Spend some time to watch the pitch video by the team.

As usual, there are various options for interested backers but the minimum amount you have to afford to secure a unit of Scrooser is $3,960. The numbers go all the way up to $10,000 which will reward you with the exact same vehicle, only with added “Serial 001” inscription. Call it ridiculous or anything but you know the first one is always special.

The li-ion battery of Scrooser is said to need 1-3.5 hours to fully recharge. The maximum distance it can cover in one go is 22 miles with the maximum speed reading at 15mph. Also, thanks to its wheels, it’s “unofficially” titled as the most heavyweight scooter in the world. Have your comments on the section below!

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