Scrubba Wash Bag Is an Inexpensive Solution for Easy Travelling

Thursday, December 20th 2012. | Fashion & Styles

Here’s another smart travel bag that is quite worth a look if you spend considerable amount of your time travelling. Called Scrubba Wash Bag, it aims to provide you with a handy washing machine alternative on the go. Unlike Phorce, it doesn’t have any charger for your devices. Instead, it gives you a built-in washboard to pull that stains off your clothes for good.

Scrubba Wash Bag

One thing all travellers hate the most when they’re about to have a trip is that they have to prepare a large number of clothes. You can, of course, walk away with your own rules and pack only a few clothes with you if you trust the local laundry. You know it’s a bit risky; you may end up having some of your tees swapped with some random guy’s properties. Also, there are some places in this world where laundry is nonexistent. This is what Ashley Newland, the designer of Scrubba Wash Bag, aims to solve.

Scrubba Wash Bag Features

Scrubba Wash Bag Instructional

By having a washboard built into your travel bag, you can have more fun on your trip as you need to carry only a couple of tees and undies and, of course, detergent. Once your clothes have built up some unpleasant odor, you can have a quick wash. Pour in some water along with enough detergent, bring in your dirty clothes, and start squeezing and scrubbing the bag. What you get after this is all but wet yet fresh clothes you need to put under the sunshine. Check out the demo below!

Scrubba Wash Bag has been around Indiegogo for quite a while. In fact, they exceeded the funding goal about two months ago and have initiated the shipping ever since. Go check out their website to see if you like it.

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