Seaboard Grand Puts On Cosmetic Changes to the Classic Piano Interface

Tuesday, March 12th 2013. | Miscellaneous

Aside from its steep learning curve, no one has ever had problem with or complained about piano ever since it was invented. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be any fancy designers who are interested to reinvent it. These guys from a design firm called ROLI, for instance, just unveiled a brand new type of piano featuring cushy and single toned interface which that call as Seaboard Grand. It’s not as geeky as AirHarp but still looks neat.

Roli Seaboard Grand

Despite the name, I don’t any resemblance brought by this instrument with beach or coast. But anyway, like most groundbreaking inventions, Seaboard Grand has been attracting numerous positive feedbacks, of course, next to the negative ones. Let’s deal with the welcoming inputs first.

Roli Seaboard Grand : The Evolution Of Piano Keyboard

Just like I told you earlier, Seaboard Grand eliminates the old and very familiar black-and-white interface of a classic piano. The one it sports is soft to the touch and adopts single toned pattern. To make each note distinctive to another, the material is raised, providing tactile inputs for the players. You can watch how this instrument is actually played in the video below.

As you can see, ROLI designers do not only make a few cosmetic changes but also go deep into the mechanism by which the sounds are made. If you watch the demo carefully, you’ll notice that Seaboard Grand’s interface is actually sensitive to pressure. It also allows for volume adjustment as well as pitch vibration. According to the designers, the technology behind such an interface can be used for various applications. Not to say that it’s also believed to cut down significantly the learning curve one has to pass through.

Sounds pretty awesome, eh? But when you look at the trends in the past, things like Seaboard Grand is only good for hipsters and won’t last for long on the surface. In anyway, the company will start taking preorders in April and if you want it, you’d better move fast because there will be only 88 units. Pricing detail isn’t enclosed.

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