Sealander : Low On The Water, Smooth On The Land (Video)

Saturday, October 22nd 2011. | Transportation

Its time to runaway, its time to vacation. there are a lot of options to spend our vacation time. some people love to getaway to foreign country, some other prefer explore the country on a car and trailer. what about an upgrade? what if we have the ability to go with an extraordinary trailer? please welcome the Sealander. its a new horizon of mobile recreational dwelling with amphibious capabilities.

Sealander :  Amphibious Camping Trailer

Sealander is both land and water fun stuff. in the land, sealander is a lightweight trailer behind your car, it can be easily pulled without more effort of your engine, so that no massive extra gasoline needed. amazingly, it offer us the cabriofeeling. we just can roll up the roof, so we can easily feel the sunbathing on a day and watch the stars during the night. it locked with snap method that easy to be operated.

Sealander : Amphibious Camping TrailerSealander : Amphibious Camping Trailer

when land is not enough to amaze our vacation, just turn the sealander into an interesting water exploration vehicle. you can do fishing, swimming, or explore the island. coated with waterproof chassis, its bottom shell provide the safety yet comfortability during the water adventure. Due to the shallow draft can also navigate shallow waters. A low-emission electric motor allows the unlicensed use on almost all inland waters.

Sealander : Amphibious Camping Trailer

Through the intelligent design of the interior in a small space is used optimally. Depending on the needs of the application, we can modify the interior modules or remove it completely. The seats can converts to a spacious deck area. In front of the benches in the kitchen sink and module are as refrigerator and heating. Simple and user friendly solutions provide an all around.

As a concept, sealander is one of the most wanted items, and will be available in series at early of 2012.

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