SelectaDNA High Velocity Tagging System Won’t Let You Get Away Easily after Making Mess

Saturday, January 26th 2013. | Security

When you’re involved in a riot, it’s so easy to get too carried away and before you know it, you’ve done some very stupid stuff. If that happens a lot to you, you should be more careful because as law enforcement is blessed with the SelectaDNA High Velocity Tagging System, it won’t be that easy to get away of any prosecution the next time you make some mess.


Developed by Selectamark, the tool aims to aid police officer, assigned to watch over a riot, identify anyone who seemingly becomes the main provoker, including those who are out of reach. It materializes itself in the form of a pistol and a riffle, thus, members of law enforcement won’t really have any issue to use it. Its efficiency is acquired from the special non-lethal pellets which are impregnated with artificial DNA microdots.

SelectaDNA : High Velocity DNA Tagging Gun

So, when the mob starts vandalizing public and the cops see one or two figures who apparently are trying to stir up the emotion from a distance, they simply have to tag them with the pellets and deal with them later. the SelectaDNA High Velocity Tagging System should also be handy when the cops are busy taking down all the nearby vandals who impose more threat.

If you got hit on your jacket, then you’re in luck even though it means you’ve got to throw it away. But if the pellets strike you right on your skin, the SelectaDNA portable reader can still track you down even after two weeks. The pellets are contained in a special packaging where one container is filled up with 14 of them. Since it’s powered with CO2 cartridge, the SelectaDNA High Velocity Tagging System is only effective within 98 to 131 feet. So, think twice now before you fire up a riot.

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