Sensus iPhone Case, Smart Case That Is Actually Smart

Monday, October 22nd 2012. | Mobile Phones

We quoted the developer’s statement for the title above, “Sensus is the first truly smart case.” Developed by Canopy, Sensus iPhone case sets a new standard for what people commonly refer as smart case. Prior its launch, folks usually think smart case as one that offers extra battery juice or one that provides a plain wallet add-on. Now we will remember that smart case is the one that can help us use our smartphone without ever touching its touchscreen.

Canopy Sensus iphone Case

How come? Sensus iPhone case works by adding touch sensitivity to the back and side panels, allowing you to fully control your iPhone without ever touching the display. The case sports dual micro-processors that enable its surface to recognize any gesture and multi-touch input. Mind you, the level of its responsiveness is even higher than that of the iPhone’s touchscreen itself.

Canopy gets the idea of developing such an iPhone case from the fact that smartphone users frequently wipe the screen of their smartphone. You know, we just don’t like to see our smartphone look dirty and ugly due to unsightly fingerprint blots. With Sensus iPhone case, you no longer need to touch the screen, leaving you with crystal clean display.

Such functionality is not very new actually as PS Vita has earlier adopted this concept. However, it is nice to see that somebody is willing to go through the hassle and make such functionality compatible with iPhones. More importantly, Sensus mechanism might be better than that of PS Vita since the side panels can also receive multi-touch input.

The normal retail price is $60 but if you’re up for pre-order now, you can get a sweet $20 discount. Check out the promo video below and tell us what you think about it! And which do you prefer a rugged case like Lunatik Taktik or the smart one like Sensus?

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