Sharp Moth-Eye Technology Inspired by Insect Everyone Hates

Monday, October 29th 2012. | Household

Sharp’s latest invention dealing with display enhancement, the Moth-Eye technology is finally applied to commercial LCDs. A couple of days ago, the company announced its new AQUOS Quattron 3D XL TV lineup which is claimed to be the first display featuring this anti-glare technology. But instead of focusing on the product, we’re going over the said technology in this post.

Sharp Motheye Technology

So, what is this moth eye stuff actually? Basically, this is a technology which is meant to drastically reduce glare, annoying common issue found on most existing LCDs, and improve users experience. The inspiration comes from an insignificant insect which is none other than moths. According to Sharp’s scientists, moths’ eyes have unique structures that help them render the surrounding environment clearly.

Now you may think they are ridiculous or something but the fact of the matter is public is very enthusiastic about this technology. Back then at CEATEC 2012, Sharp stole lots of attention by comparing three displays one of which featured the Moth-Eye technology. As far as we could see, Moth-Eye-enabled display appeared the brightest with more distinctive colors than its counterparts.

According to Sharp’s spokesperson, this is because the Moth-Eye-enabled TV sports the unique structure of that found in moths eyes which is rough and bumpy. Such pattern is helpful at minimizing glare while also retaining the intensity of the internal light. This makes outer light has little or no effect to the image quality rendered by the display.

Put it simply, no matter how bright the sun shines, your LCD TV will perform constantly well and you can still enjoy watching it. But that’s of course if you’re crazy enough to watch TV right under the scorching hot sun.

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