Shockbox Helmet Impact Sensor: Monitors Your Brain like Experts Do

Tuesday, December 4th 2012. | Medical, Sports

Shockbox Sensor was unveiled recently, touting its capability to closely monitor your brain, looking for potentially harmful concussion. If you’re an athlete of football, hockey or other violent sports that we always cheer when seeing you in pain, you’re going to need this. Ask your coach or anyone who has enough authority in your team to supply this to you with your mates.

Shockbox Helmet Impact Sensor

The sensor can be attached inside or at the top of the helmet. Once it’s set up correctly, your coach can closely monitor your brain condition and will ask you to stop training immediately once he finds that you have enough impact on your nobs. It all thanks to the accelerometer built into the device. Check the video below!

Shockbox Sensor comes with a mobile app that is compatible with most platforms. It doesn’t matter if your coach is a lame old man who is still attached to Blackberry or a nice youthful one using Android handset, the app will flawlessly run on it. Using Bluetooth, your coach must be within 328 feet from your current position.

Even though all the explanation above sounds simple, the app is actually pretty advanced. All the data sent by the sensor is processed and calculated accurately. If the impact magnitude is discovered to be quite massive and it’s directed to vital spot on your brain, the app will alert your brain.

Now it is up to your coach whether he will call you to stop for a quick vitality test or pretend he does not hear anything. If he opts for the first, then it’s god for you. The app will direct your coach to checklist symptoms that will be asked to you. If you pass, you can continue playing (until your head eventually cracks), or stop to get proper treatment. Current price point sits on $149.99 per unit which is pricey but then again, nothing equals to your safety.

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