Sing N Shock Delivers Electric Jolts to Wake You Up

Tuesday, February 26th 2013. | Miscellaneous

Alarm clocks are definitely a very useful invention to help slackers start their day but their snooze button is a different story. Seriously, one of the biggest questions I have is why all alarm clock makers bother giving a snooze button. It’s like they want you to back to your slumber after waking up.

singNshock : alarm clock with electric shock

Not wanting to be the same with all of them, Sankalp Sinha makes the snooze button on is Sing N Shock alarm clock a little trickier. It’s designed to deliver a mild shock to any slacking fingers that love to push it.

singNshock alarm clock

Aside from its slick and elegant design, Sing N Shock is like a public enemy for all deep sleepers and morning slackers out there. Even though it can act quite nicely by playing your favorite tunes instead of boring beeping sound, it will not spare a mercy to those who wants to shut it up.

singNshock color options

An electric current of a few microvolts will be delivered to anything touching its snooze button. That said, it might be annoying but it will not, in any way, harm you. Just like Sinha said, it’s only used to activate and energize your nervous system so you will not be sleepy and decide to hug your pillow back.

All the images you see are not rendering. They’re all real prototypes but even so, there is still no telling when it will hit the street. Recent report has it that he’s actually negotiating with a number of manufacturers to work on the mass production of Sing N Shock. If it’s still not enough, check out Wayki Alarm Clock Toothbrush. This one doesn’t even have any snooze button!

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