Skyflash Is The 21st Century Jetpack

Friday, March 1st 2013. | Miscellaneous

Men quest for a one-man aerial vehicle has begun many years ago when people thought a pair of simple yet large artificial wings was enough to get them fly like birds. Now that the era has changed, our German friend, Fritz Unger, aims to make that dream come true with his crowdfundedjetpack he and his team proudly call Skyflash.


Unger doesn’t leave the said large artificial wings, though. Instead, he combines a jet-propelled engine with these wings to take him off the ground. On paper, these wings measure in at 11.15-feet which make him look almost similar to his ambitious predecessors. Their designs are adapted from the wings of the condor bird whose structure can be shifted to better suit the ever changing course of the wind.

Skyflash : The Personal Jetpack

For that reason, Unger has to make them out of three different parts. They’re all distinctive to each other but as soon as the man takes off, they become one fully integrated part to promote faster velocity as well as better stability. This design is also used in many modern planes and if it works for them, why it doesn’t for Skyflash. Anyway, Unger and his team have carried out a ground test and although it hasn’t soar to the air yet, it looks quite fine; check it out below!

Controls are made possible via the throttle held and wrist display. In addition, pilot’s body orientation can also be used for raising and turning Skyflash course of flight. Quite simple, isn’t it? But its simplicity should give you a brief picture of how dangerous actually this thing is. Pay me a thousand bucks or two, I still won’t risk my precious life flying this cool looking jetpack.

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