SkyTender Is a Robotic Bartender Ready to Serve You Well on a Business Flight

Thursday, December 20th 2012. | Miscellaneous

If you’re frequently irritated for having to wait unreasonably for the flight attendants to serve your drink, you will find a relief on SkyTender. Developed by a German company called SkyMax, in collaboration with Air Eltec, this trolley is actually a robotic bartender capable of serving 30 different drinks. More importantly, it’s way faster than any stewardess.


There is a lot to be appreciated from SkyTender. For starter, the numerous kinds of drinks it can serve are not only those which are alcoholic. You can order it to make you a classic black coffee, fancy cocktail, wine, cold soda, you name it. Best of all, the drink will be ready as soon as the corresponding button is pushed. Check out the instructional video below from SkyMax!

On the outside, SkyTender looks just like a blocky aluminum trolley which is quite far from an image of premium bartender. However, under the hood, it sports lots of cool stuff you may fail to handle. From a computing device, touchscreen panel, up to discrete compartments to house the CO2 tanks, water reservoir, and a lines of syrup boxes. Speaking of the syrup, it is not contained in aluminum cans, which is quite a saving.

Additionally, SkyTender is not only beneficial for the passengers actually. When you think about it, the cost for airlines to pick up a great deal of soda cans along with the spirit bottles can be considered inexpensive. In fact, it is estimated to be around $1,500 for each trolley. So, when airlines use SkyTender in the place of conventional drink trolley, they’re actually saving unnecessary cost.

SkyTender made its first debut on December 5th on a flight with WDL Aviation. There is no detail when other airlines can have such an amenity too but the respective company said it’d be soon enough.

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