Skyway – The Concept of Future Air Ambulance

Thursday, December 27th 2012. | Transportation

Not everyone lives with a threat of the deathly sudden cardiac arrest but records show an astounding number of 300,000 people who die each year because of such illness. Most of the victims meet their end because they do not receive immediate response from paramedics. Mind you, 95% of those numbers can be saved if first responder comes within the first 60 seconds after the call-out. That’s a difficult challenge for even the most advanced helicopter today.

Skyway by Daniel Dobrogorsky

Inspired by such a fact, a student of Monash University, Daniel Dobrogorsky proposes a concept of what might be a future air ambulance. Dubbed as Skyway, the aerial craft has everything it needs to outperform the fastest medical helicopter there is. If the latter requires a considerably large secure area to land, Skyway theoretically can land anywhere, allowing the paramedic piloting the craft to give immediate treatment. Check out the video below!

Similar to helicopter, Skyway is capable of vertical take-off and landing but instead of using one humongous propeller, it relies on six small rotors ducted on each of its “wings”. This eliminates the risk of having a crash with nearby objects even though it lands on highly populated areas. Meanwhile, advancing and retreating is controlled by the twin enormous blades on its rear. According to Dobrogorsky, it will enable the craft to fly at 350km/hour at max.

Skyway: The Future of Air Ambulance by Daniel Dobrogorsky

Further he explains that if a unit of Skyway is assigned to cover an area within 6km parameter, on paper, a response can reach the target in right or less than 60 seconds. Sounds quite promising, isn’t it? Unfortunately, it remains a concept at this point and first prototype needs approximately $700,000 to construct. It’s a lot cheaper than the fund needed to build a fixed wing air ambulance but it’s still a big sum.

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