Slice Keyboard App Looks Originally Cool and Dazzling but Isn’t Very Practical

Wednesday, December 12th 2012. | Mobile Phones

Did you really know why all keyboards in the world have their keys arranged in QWERTY style, instead of following the alphabetical order? It’s because people in the past agreed to reduce the typing speed of all type writers. It may sound silly but that’s the fact. Now that the age has changed, people want to claim that efficiency back again. Still, rather than arranging the keys in alphabetical order, we like to come up with totally new and innovative idea. Among the ideas that manage to fruition is the Slice Keyboard app.

slice keyboard

Designed for tablet users only, Slice keyboard allows you to have a typing experience that you never had before. As you start it, you may be led to confusion as what you see in the interface is only a row of buttons complemented with several operational buttons on both sides. As you tap on one of the buttons on that row, it will reveal the hidden keys. These buttons are called “Home  rowButtons” and the developer wants you to anchor your fingers on them. Check the demo video below!

The idea is if you anchor your fingers on a number of buttons, you won’t need to move your hands around the keyboard just to find the right keys. By doing that, theoretically, your typing speed can increase. It’s truly innovative indeed but we’re a bit doubtful about the claim and its practicality. Not only do you have to adapt to new system but by hiding the keys and revealing them as you tap on the home row buttons can literally get you a headache.

slice keyboard apps

Good news is the developer provides a free demo version of the app before you can upgrade to the paid one which costs $4.99. Exclusively available for Android users, you won’t be able to get your hands on it if you’re an Apple iPhone fanboy.

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