SlingsHOT Tea Cup Makes You a Tea Champion

Wednesday, February 13th 2013. | Miscellaneous

Not all people enjoy drinking tea, indeed. But if you’re one of these peaceful dudes who can’t stand not having tea even for just one day, you may feel that sometimes your tea bag is not very easy to deal with. Sometimes, the string gets plunged into the tea along with the tea bag. And when you take it out, it drips everywhere, staining your white kitchen counter. If you’re frequently annoyed because of this, you might find a help from this SlingsHOT Tea Cup.

SlingsHOT Tea Cup

Don’t expect to make fun of people by slingshooting them with your wet tea bag. This thing isn’t for play. Instead, it aims to solve your problem dealing with the tea drips you have to clean after you make a cup of tea. It all thanks to the simple yet indigenous slit on its handle which acts like a strainer and a holder for your tea bag.

SlingsHOT Tea Cup by Samir Sufi

The idea is that you would pull the string back through the slit so that the tea bag will get squeezed and stuck on its opening. You secure it there by twisting the string on the handle and remove it after you finish your afternoon tea. Just make sure you don’t get too carried away when pulling the string, or else you’ll rip the tea bag and have all its content spread on your perfect tea.

Seriously, why did anyone never think about it before? Anyway, SlingsHOT Tea Cup is designed by Samir Sufi. So little I know about him but one thing is sure, that is he’s a hardcore tea fan.

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