Smart Highways Absorbs Solar Energy and Attractively Lights Up at Night

Thursday, November 15th 2012. | Transportation

Applying smart technology to smartphone cases or fashion glasses is pretty common nowadays. In fact, two Dutch design firms think it’s so dull that they pick up gigantic highways to show off the real technology. Specifically, Studio Roosegaarde and Heijmans have laid out the concept of what we will know as Smart Highways.

Both design firms are optimistic that that their concept will come to fruition within the upcoming five years. Personally, we’re rather skeptical about it being completed in only five years as the concept which was unveiled just recently is pretty complex. Besides, the scope we’re talking about here is a highway not a mere avenue street. Still, we’d give our full appreciation if they manage.

There are up to five smart features motorists can enjoy once it’s official, Here they are:

  • Dynamic Paint:
    smart highway dynamic paint
    It refers to temperature-sensitive paint that will appear with unique patterns depending on the environment temp. If the temp drops to the point where it can potentially form a black ice, thus an accident, the paint will warn drivers by showing up in snow-like pattern.
  • Glow-in-the-Dark:smart highway glowing linesIt’s quite self-explanatory, we suppose. The street will be marked using luminescent paint which absorbs solar energy during the day and uses it to light up the road at night.
  • Interactive Light:
    smart highway interactive light
    Using sensor attached on the brink of the road, lighting is set on automatically. Its intensity is determined by the distance of the car. The closer it is to the sensor, the brighter the light will turn out.
  • Wind Light:smart highway wind lightNot only is solar energy used but also kinetic energy from the wind created as your car accelerates is utilized as well to turn on particular lighting.
  • Induction Priority Lane:
    smart highway electric priority lane
    Smart Highways will provide a dedicated section for electric car. Along this lane is installed induction coils that can charge the car while it’s moving on it.

The bottom line is smart highways attempt to harness the energy supplied by nature during the day and effectively use it to empower and light up the road at night.

Surprisingly, there are several parties that claim the concept is not very original, and thus both design firms are only reinventing the wheel. But whatever this claim is, the fact is no one has ever officially introduced the concept in front of public before. After all, Thomas Alpha Edison used to continue an existing concept of the first light bulb too and he still got all the credits.

By the way, despite being a mere concept at the moment, Smart Highways have been awarded as the Best Future Concept 2012. Reportedly, in 2013, we should be able to see some fragments of the future highways built and tested too. So, how are you guys excited?

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