Smart PJ’s : Smart Pajamas That Can Tell Bedtime Stories for Kids

Monday, April 29th 2013. | Fashion & Styles

Parents out there must know how much a pain it is to ask their young loved ones to go to bed. In the old time, a twenty-minute long story telling worked wonder to deliver the children to their peaceful dream but kids today are just different. Aiming to help those parents, Juan Murdoch and his team has developed Smart PJ’s, little onesies claimed to be smart enough to get all kids to their slumber nice and clean.

Smart pajamas read your kids a bedtime story

“How smart are these pajamas?” you ask. Well, they’re smart enough to come with tons of embedded QR codes all over them which are disguised into polka dot pattern. Scanning each of these codes with your smartphone will trigger a particular bedtime story that differs from one code to another. Some codes can also have your device stream a nice lullaby into the air.

Smart Pajamas Use Dots To Read Bedtime Stories

Also included in the mixture are dozens animal pictures. Obviously, there is an app that you have to install first. It’s free and compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Available in four sizes for boys and girls, you can have these onesies for $25 a pop. Below is the promotional video.

For this Smart PJ’s, Murdoch’s company that is based in Idaho was awarded as the Hottest Showcasing Startup in a local event, which only goes on to say that this outfit actually has some value. Still, before you make a purchase, probably you want to search the net about the effect of watching the glaring screen of your device at night. Scientists conclude that it’s one of the reasons why one is difficult to sleep.

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