Smart Trash Can Catches Your Litter like an Outfielder

Tuesday, February 19th 2013. | Miscellaneous

While there is no official survey that points out that people of Japan apparently are lame when it comes to tossing their garbage into the trash can, this invention by Minoru Kurata might be a good indicator. This guy just unveiled his Smart Trash Can which is capable of catching any litters thrown away by the home owners. Even though the technology isn’t ripe yet, Kurata has won an Excellence Award at the Japan Media Arts Festival.

Smart Kinect Trash Can by Minoru Kurata

The system that supports this Smart Trash Can at least comprises of three main modules. For starter, there is a Kinect sensor that has to be mounted on a wall at certain height. This sensor will catch a glimpse of the trash while it’s on the air and send the data right away to a Wi-Fi enabled PC. The PC will then calculate the coordinate where the trash will likely land and send the result to the trash can. It will eventually move a set of wheels on the board underneath the can and there your trash goes.

Sounds way too complicated for a trash can, right? But then again it’s a Japanese inventor we’re talking about. You’ll never know how far their creative mind can wander. Anyway, check out the video below to be surer that Smart Trash Can does exist.

Kurata states that his invention isn’t complete yet. He admits that the success rate for his Smart Trash Can to catch the flying litter is only 10-20%. This will increase if the trash is thrown at higher arc as it lets the Kinect to measure the data more accurately.

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