SmartBot Turns Your Smartphone into Robot Puppy

Thursday, March 7th 2013. | Mobile Phones

As smartphone makers are competing to make the best performing handsets, we are supplied with devices which are so smart that they can be a “head” for a little robot. At least, that’s what engineers at Overdrive Robotics think. Instead of building a cute little robot from a scratch, they decide to make use of the already available components in your smartphone as the foundation for this SmartBot.

SmartBot turns your phone into a programmable robot

Looking at its form factor, it’s safe to say that SmartBot is rather similar to a fancy and highly advanced smartphone docking system. As soon as you mount your handset on the provided platform and hook the cable up via the headphone jack, your device will immediately communicate with it. The robot interface will then show up, touting a cartoonish face of a cute little puppy.

I’m not kidding with the latter. SmartBot is equipped with a set of motorized wheels and team at Overdrive Robotics say it’s cool enough to be your companion as you enjoy your afternoon walk. Check out the video below!

Aside from the said wheels, SmartBot also boasts a pair of LED lights, a speaker, an integrated MPU, and an expansion slot which can be handy to update the operation system. According to the developer team, once your handset is converted to a robot puppy, it’s capable of performing what common robots can do. That includes, seeing, hearing, navigating and orientating, talking, even processing some data. Of course, they all need the necessary apps.

If that’s still les fun to you, Overdrive Robotics has also made several accessories that can make it do things like shooting a ball to you and getting your morning paper. It hasn’t launched yet but you can preorder it on its respective website for 160 euro or about $174.

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