Snappgrip Upgrades Your iPhone Camera to the Next Level

Thursday, January 3rd 2013. | Mobile Phones

We’ve seen quite a lot of smartphone accessories built to enhance the quality of the handset’s camera but very few of them allow you to have better control of it. Among these few is Snapgrip, a project by Lee Harris. It’s a pocketable add-on which enables you to control your handset’s camera just like the way you use that point-and-shoot snapper of yours; no more tap on the screen.

Snappgrip : Provides Camera Controls for Smartphones

Unlike other camera enhancement accessories, Snappgrip can’t improve the results of your photography. It’s only meant to improve the experience. The good thing, however, is that the case that comes with it doesn’t block the LED flash, so you can still take some hot shots on a low-light area. This is what usually a better add-on like Trygger Camera Clip can’t do. Check out the video by Harris below!

The motion of controls it provides covers the camera shutter, shooting mode, and its zooming capability. Fully pressing the button will get you a quick snapshot while half pressing it will focus the shooter to your target. At the bottom of the device, it sports a standard tripod mount along with a micro-USB port and power switch.

Snappgrip : A Smartphone Add On That Provides Camera Like Controls

Other than that, Snappgrip is a very basic add-on. If you’re OK with tapping on the screen each time you take a photo, then you don’t need it. But if for any reason you’re annoyed for that, then you might be able to have fun with it. A pledge of 49 pounds will make sure that a unit of Snappgrip will be delivered to your doorstep.

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