Snapzoom Is a Universal Scope Adapter for Universal Phone

Friday, May 10th 2013. | Camera & Accessories

Most smartphones today come with a pretty nice camera. Although it’s pretty handy, there are a few points where it falls short; its zooming function, for example. Until today, there is no smartphone camera that allows you to zoom in an object that stands a few hundred meters from you.

Snapzoom: The Universal Smartphone Scope Adapter

To get around such a shortcoming, people usually pair the camera with a scope. Still, unless you have the right adapter, connecting your handset’s camera with binoculars or a telescope is as frustrating as threading a needle under a dim light. This is where Snapzoom comes in.

Being a universal scope adapter for smartphone, Snapzoom is compatible with any iPhones and Android devices. It also works for any types of scopes, no matter if they’re single or dual eyepiece scopes. Actually, it is the device’s great compatibility that makes it a lot shinier than competing products.

For your information, most typical adapters are designed to be used with a single phone model and only scopes from particular brands. The universal models, on the other hand, commonly sport a very complicated design that it’s almost impossible to use it without a special case, which, of course, comes with some extra bucks.

By the way, Snapzoom makes has kicked off a campaign at Kickstarter. You can watch their pitch on the video below!

There is no word regarding how much it’ll retail but if you think Snapzoom will be of great help for you in the future, you can get it for a pledge of $70. Top it up to $90, and you’ll get the adapter accompanied with a travel binocular made by Bushnell. It won’t enable you to take a close picture of the moon but should be able to capture objects that are a few hundred meters away from you.