Sneaker Speaker Is a Pair of Boomboxes You Wear on Your Feet

Monday, December 10th 2012. | Fashion & Styles

A design group based on New York, Ray Kingston Inc. recently showcased what seems to be a pair of retro boomboxes strapped on casual sneakers. The wearable sneaker speaker is contrastively pictured with lots of tiny mp3 players available in the market. While it may be exciting to some of you, there is very little detail following the images which makes us somehow think that it’s just a creative rendering.

sneaker speaker by ray kingston

However, the image does come with a diagram of what is supposed to be the internal structure of the sneaker speaker. It shows that the speaker can be powered by either 9-volt battery or tethering it into a power plug via the built-in AC adapter port. In terms of connectivity, users apparently are provided with two options: Bluetooth or the common 3.5mm stereo-input.

sneaker speaker by ray kingston technology

We think the design looks quite legit especially when we look at the Bluetooth. But one thing we can’t just quite understand is why on earth it sports a stereo-input. You don’t think to connect it with your mp3 player via a wire, do you? Furthermore, the AC adapter port might be handy in case you run out of juice but how can you walk with sneakers tethered into a power plug?

sneaker speaker by ray kingston positions

By the way, the first time were exposed to the news, we thought a concept of wearable speaker which takes form as shoes are quite original. But it looks like we were wrong. There are quite considerable numbers of such a concept which have been formerly announced. In fact, some of them seem to have stepped on to the production stage. Anyhow, what you guys say about it?

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