SOCCKET Is a Soccer Ball That Can Give You Free Electricity

Friday, March 1st 2013. | Miscellaneous

Even though we still have to pay for electricity, this convenience is still accessible for us anytime we want. This fact contrasts to our friends living in a number of underdeveloped countries. For them, electricity is simply a luxurious property only the riches can enjoy. Thanks to third party engineers and electricians like Uncharted Play, the light of hope might soon shine upon them.

SOCCKET : Energy-harnessing Soccer Ball

Harnessing the love towards soccer, Uncharted Play builds SOCCKET, a soccer ball which is integrated with a generator capable of harvesting kinetic energy and converts it into usable electricity. Due to the built-in mechanism under the hood, it’s slightly heavier than a normal soccer ball is. However, the pleasantly soft EVE foam used to make up the outer shell of the ball should provide enough protection for both the electric components and the players’ feet.

Soccket : Soccer Ball Generates Power from Play

SOCCKET : The Energy Harnessing Soccer Ball by Uncharted Play

According to the team, thirty minutes of play should generate enough electricity to light up a medium LED lamp for three hours. SOCCKET has hit Kickstarter and you can watch their pitch video below.

Since it’s got no space for air, SOCCKET is literally deflation proof, though I’m not sure if all the components inside can survive if exposed to a very powerful kick. At least, it’s more practical than Pavegen. Anyway, the prototyping of this electric ball has run actually, but the team needs a boost to make it available for masses. If you’re in, you’re going to need $99 upfront to secure your preorder. That will give you both the ball and the LED lamp. Shipment is scheduled to begin in August 2013.

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