Solar Glass Preserves Heat, So Your Coffee Can Stay Hot

Tuesday, June 4th 2013. | Around The Home

Here is the situation, you just make yourself a perfect latte with caramelized sweet coating atop and leave it on the table to check your email. You find a message from your boss, asking you to cover up some emergency work. You have no option but to get it done and once you can finally finish it, your perfect latte has become as cold as your feet when you had your first date. Well, maybe not that bad but it’s just not nice anymore.

Solar Glass

If that happens to you quite often, you will want to secure one of these Solar Glasses. Designed by Fan Wu, this glass is constructed with heat-absorbing coating on its interior, preventing the considerable temperature loss. Think of it like thermos without lid and is much smaller. The outer tube is built out of a particular insulator material, allowing you to get a comfy hold of the glass even when the liquid inside can literally sting you with unfriendly heat.

Solar Glass Concept by Fan Wu

Wu expects that with his creation, we finally can step into an age where people no longer pour in their coffee to the sink just because it gets cold. It’s a waste of water and energy, you know, even when the amount is rather insignificant. Anyway, for this Solar Glass, Wu managed to snatch an iF Design Award for concept design entry. Yes, this glass is only a concept with no manufacturing date being detailed. If you’re type of the impatient one, try to scour Amazon. I heard Bodum has manufactured a glass with exactly the same feature.