Solar Snowboard Saves Solar Energy and Charges Your iPhone

Tuesday, December 25th 2012. | Sports

Do you have any idea about what a bunch of snowboarders, who are all about having some crazy adrenaline rush and performing mad stunt, will do when they feel like of becoming geeks? Correct, they will try to harvest the solar energy using their snowboard by layering it with a flexible solar panel. And that is exactly what Signal Snowboards and Powerfilm Solar have done.

Solar Snowboard by Signal Snowboards and Powerfilm Solar

In order to accommodate the snowboard’s shape, the layer has to be doubled. A converter is mounted right in the middle of the board to turn the harvested energy to electricity. For the last touch-up, two rechargeable batteries are connected with it. Now when these snowboarders have finished snowboarding or crashing and they want to use their iPhone for a fun yet it’s depleted, they can tether it to their board for quick recharge.

The video below goes over the development of the said solar snowboard and how the team took it to action.

Now you probably wonder how come it is possible. Well, simple, if you are a hardcore snowboarder, you will no doubt spend most of your daytime on the snowy ground at high altitudes where sunshine is more than abundant. Normally, snowboarders will not pay too much care about this. However, folks at Signal Snowboards are far too geeky to let this go unused.

They will have to periodically wipe off the snow from their board, though, because it will prevent the solar panel from harvesting the energy. We’re not sure if it will make it to stores’ shelves but would you want one for yourself?

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