SolePower Insole Generates Electricity as You Walk

Friday, June 14th 2013. | Miscellaneous

There is a growing interest toward the idea of making use of the kinetic energy – appearing as we walk – to generate electricity to re-juice mobile devices. While it’s true that the trend is not as apparent as that shown toward desktop 3D printer, we know that people do pay attention to the development of the necessary technology. Recently, a Kickstarter campaign offers us with a prototype of what looks like an insole charger, called SolePower.

SolePower insole charges devices using the power of walking

As interesting as it gets, the device comes up bearing almost no visual difference from any common insoles. You can only tell that SolePower is actually an electric device when your eyes catch the presence of ankle-strapped battery which is linked to the sole through a wire. The battery will start receiving a constant flow of electricity once users begin making steps. Check it out in the video below!

So far, its development seems to run well with the SolePower managing to generate enough power to fully recharge an iPhone after 2.5-5 miles of walking. However, the team aims to improve it, hoping that the same amount of energy can be generated with minimum effort.

As expected, SolePower is completely waterproof and designed to withstand any threat imposed by the weather. After all, who wants to put an electrical device – that can go awry when making contact with water – under their feet? Claimed to last for 100 million steps, this thing should make a satisfactory experience.

Strangely, the maker values your citizenship in case you want to grab this for your own. They charge any USA-based backers an early bird price of $100 while international backers have to fork in $120 to get one. Lame, eh?!

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