Soloshot Wants You to Automate Your Action Filming

Thursday, February 7th 2013. | Camera & Accessories

If you’re an extreme sport athlete, you must know how important it is to film every step of your action. This way, you can quickly learn what needs to be done in the future when you mess up today. Unfortunately, you have to hire a cameraman to record your move and you’ve got to pay for his service. That’s, however, until Soloshot is invented.

Soloshot : Self Shooting Camera

In a nutshell, it’s a camera tripod designed specifically to address all extreme sports athletes’ needs – filming their own course of action without bothering about hiring a cameraman. The tripod comes with a Wi-Fi enabled armband which can continuously send signals to the tripod, enabling it to turn and track your movement as long as it’s still within its range. Check out the demo video below!

Soloshot can turn 360-degree without any problem and move at maximum speed of 40 degrees/second. That’s supposed to allow it to capture any motion running at the speed of 140mph. As long as the armband is still functional and attached to you, the tripod will never lose trace of yours. Good news is it can withstand any rough situation including a series of wild waves that can break a surfer board into pieces.


Soloshot is actually another success story from the world’s most famous crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter. Its early bird price started at $299 but now that it’s been made available, you need to purchase it for the cost of its retail price which is $479. So, what do you think showoff? Are you getting this one to help you publicize your stunt?

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