Sonic Wallets Makes a Bloody Scream and a Classy Insult as You Open It

Friday, February 15th 2013. | Fashion & Styles

As Google and U.S. four major carriers are vigorously promoting mobile payment system, there are some people out there who start leaving their wallet behind. However, the market for conventional wallet is still widely open especially when the product has uniquely pleasing design or sports an intriguingly bizarre sound system like these Sonic Wallets.

Sonic Wallets Shakespeare Insult

In a nutshell, you can call them as wallets that sound off when opened. There is a small sound producing device blended within this Tyvek wallet. It’s activated when you open the wallet and it’s got the power from a small replaceable battery which is claimed to last up to thousands of openings.

Sonic Wallets Variants

There are eight variants of Sonic Wallets all of which are different in terms of the decorative graphic design and of course the sounds. Personally, I like the one with Shakespeare Insult. It’s kind of funny to learn how classic noble people of England try to be polite even when they’re swearing and cursing. Check it out!

The other seven variants include the Buddha, American Flag, The Scream, Jesus, Moolah, Baseball, and Drum Machine. If you inherit the patriotic blood of a US navy seal, then the America Flag wallet is the one to suit you. You’ll love it to see it plays our national anthem right before you check out at the local grocery store.

Sonic Wallets are currently sold at GadgetsAndGear for the price of $19.95. Its insanity aside, they’re actually pretty functional. No one is strong enough to rip that Tyvek you know.

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