Sony Japan Launched New Emergency Radio and Battery Chargers

Saturday, June 22nd 2013. | Mobile Phones

The Fukushima disaster that struck Japan with all its might two years ago has left the country not only with serious trauma but also major power shortages that takes place on regular basis. The situation has inspired a number of local companies to manufacture emergency battery charger and with the launch of its new charger device Sony has officially dipped its toes into humanitarian mission.

Sony new emergency radio and battery chargers

Codenamed as ICF-B88, the device is rigged with both hand crank powered generator and solar panel, making it a much better solution than ETON Boost Line. On top of that, it can also be used as a battery charger and AM/FM transistor radio. It weighs in at no more than 350gr, allowing users to carry it with ease.

Additionally, ICF-B88 is also equipped with a rechargeable AA battery that is claimed to be drip-proof, meaning it may still be functional in a moist environment but it is not supposed to be tanked in your bathtub. There is no word yet on the device that looks like a camcorder in a glance and it will most likely be kept exclusive in Japan for a quite a while.

In addition to the ICF-B88, Sony Japan also introduced its lightweight sibling which is dubbed as ICF-B08. Basically, it’s the same exact device with radio transistor and charger function but on this model, Sony decides to take out the solar panel. Good news is you can sure bet that it’s going to sport a much lower price tag. Fair enough!

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