Sony SmartWatch- Is It Really Smart?

Friday, November 16th 2012. | Fashion & Styles

Sony SmartWatch is not necessarily a new thing in the market as it’s been a month since its launch. But given that you may miss the news for some reason, we’d like to refresh things a bit here.

sony mobile smartwatch

The SmartWatch by Sony is meant to be a wearable phone accessory from which you can view various notifications wirelessly. Using Bluetooth, you are allowed to see recent incoming calls, upcoming events, FB inbox, and many others. You need to install the Smart Connect app prior to using the watch. Once installed, you’re allowed to activate several apps meant for Sony’s clip-on device such as Google Maps, Phone Ringer, etc. The options are not very large in numbers but provided that it’s a watch we’re talking about, you can easily forgive it.

sony smartwatch

In a glance, Sony SmartWatch looks quite minimalist with black rubber band and brushed steel finish on its smoothly curved design. We do not know about you, but personally we think it somehow resides on the dull side. Moreover, the screen resolution is so low that you won’t likely see anything in the screen rendered clearly. In addition, lag between interfaces might get your eyes runny.

By the way, the only button available on its exterior is the Power button. That means, you have to use your finger to navigate on its tiny screen. This is an issue if you’re one of those big guys. By the way, Sony is reported to launch many apps at the Play Store for its SmartWatch. However, our fellows tell that third party apps are much better.

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