Sony SSKEP Is a Speedy and Accurate Skin Analyzing Technology

Thursday, December 6th 2012. | Beauty

Not seeing any good luck with its effort on the smartphone market, Sony decides to plunge itself on a zone where other electronic manufacturers won’t likely do. With the introduction of Sony SSKEP, the company officially marks its career on the beauty industry. For your reference, SSKEP stands for Smart Skin Evaluation Program which made us think it was going to compete with the face recognition capability.

Sony SSKEP (Smart Skin Evaluation Program)

Now that we’re wrong, we want you to know that Sony SSKEP is actually advancement on the beauty industry that can make skin analysis much faster, more accurate, and of course sleeker. The technology itself comprises of three major components: CMOS image sensors, multiple controls of wavelength light source, and algorithms specifically designated for skin analysis. All of these are then further facilitated with Sony’s own speedy image processing technology.

Up to now, Sony has yet to unveil at least a prototype of the promised compact device that will feature the SSKEP. If it really breaks through, it’s going to certainly excite all girls in the world. In case you never accompany your girlfriend on her beauty center, thus never see how today’s skin analyzer looks like, it’s totally humongous and extremely expensive. So you can imagine if girls can purchase a device sporting Sony SSKEP that fits their handbag, they’ll all be busy with it and you’ll be all but neglected.

Supose you just can’t stand waiting in uncertainty, Fujitsu has unveiled a system called Hada Memori that, more or less, sounds the same as functional. Even though it’s still exclusive in Japan, you can at least know that it exists.

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