Soylent Is The Future Food for Human

Wednesday, June 5th 2013. | Food & Beverage

I know cooking a good food is not as easy as finishing it and for that very reason why anyone who isn’t a cook should not cook. Apparently, a software developer named Rob Rhinehart seems to fail to understand it but for such failure he successfully invents a “thick, odorless, beige” liquid.

Soylent : The Weird Food of The Future

Dubbed as Soylent, this absurd stuff amazingly raises more than $400,000 (and still counting) in just a matter of hours. Fantastic, eh? But Soylent is more than just a terrific cash drawer. It’s a new type of food designed to fit human’s future life style; an extremely busy age where we, people, just don’t have enough time to bother with food.

Despite its unsightly appearance, Soylent is very much dense with nutrients. Mind you, the maker of this food has experienced, going through a period of four days without the slightest bite of solid food. He managed to survive and keep his health condition only by relying on his invention. Check out the video below! Its audio is just as absurd of the product being pitched.

As far as the substances are concerned, Soylent is concocted out of lots of different vitamins, protein, mineral, and carbohydrates. All are extracted from raw chemical materials and have been suited to address our needs of daily nutrition. According to Rhinehart, a liter of Soylent equals to about 1,000 calories.

So, if you live a casual life with no heavy workouts involved, two and a half liters per day should be enough to get you through a day without the slightest feel of hunger and lack of energy. If you’re a busy person and OK with wet food that looks like semen, you can grab a month’s supply of Soylent on its respective website for $230.

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