SpaceTop Renders Every Digital Stuff in 3D

Thursday, April 4th 2013. | Technology

Earlier today, we’ve covered a 3D sensor called DUO which works exactly like the famous Leap Motion. Although both devices are sleek, nothing seems to outperform this SpaceTop, the 3D desktop. If the previous two contraptions only allow you to navigate and control your computer using gestures, this one enables you to “puts in” your hands directly to the screen and grab anything from there. Should there is something that we dislike, it’s only the size which seems too small. But it won’t be long before the technology can be applied to much larger prototype.

SpaceTop 3D Desktop by Jinha Lee

Designed by an MIT graduate named Jinha Lee, SpaceTop is somehow similar to the 3D Display Holoreflector recently showcased by Microsoft. Aside from which inspires which, it doesn’t change the fact that SpaceTop is that revolutionary bridge that will facilitate our migration from the 2D realm to the new and exciting domain of 3D.

As expected, the system is quite complex but in a nutshell it can be described as a harmonious combination between 3D graphics and gesture controls. The transparent LCD will render everything in 3D. On the other hand, there are a couple of onboard cameras which are responsible for tracking users’ hands and eye movements. That way, no matter from what angle users view the display, all objects will still remain in 3D format. Tap on the video below to see it in action!

Lee’s SpaceTop made an official appearance last month at TED conference held in Long Beach, California. Despite being quite exciting, it’s still not certain when it’ll be available for the masses. Do you vote for it?

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