Spark Socket Lets You Control Your Home Lighting via Web (Video)

Thursday, November 29th 2012. | Household

Kickstarter is a God heaven if you like to find some cool stuff to have fun with. Our recent visit led us to a wicked utility called Spark Socket. Basically what it can do is connecting your home lighting to the web. Have you got any clue of what you can do after that? Correct, you can control your home lighting remotely, from anywhere you want. Integrated with mobile app, you can make lots of customization to your home lighting.

spark socket

If you ask us which one is more awesome, this or an advanced feature that offers voice activation? Well, it’s a difficult question but given that Spark Socket is a lot cheaper, we think we’ll go for it. The developer is on an attempt to reach the funding goal of $250,000 at Kickstarter, so right now it’s only sold for $60.

The app is available for both Android and iOS devices but the best thing of all is that Spark does not keep the API for themselves. They make it open so that app developers can let their creativity go wild and invent some new apps for you to have fun with your home lighting.

Note that you can only use one Spark Socket for one light bulb. So, if you want to get the fun and amusing effect by connecting the whole lamps in your home, you’d better have enough cash to begin with. If you have problem with this, you can wait for a competing technology and invention to show up. By that time, its price will have been significantly lowered.

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