Spoutnik by Fagor Is Not UFO, It’s a Microwave!

Tuesday, December 11th 2012. | Around The Home

If you still have no idea what gift to present to your mother-in-law this month, you may want to look at Spoutnik. Sporting an intriguing design, you can bet she’ll love to have this freshly styled microwave on her counter. If only it was bigger, we would probably end up confusing it with an unidentified flying object.

Freestanding Spoutnik Microwave

Still, Fagor designer team does not make Spoutnik solely to show off. There is an extent of functionality blended into the spatial design of the microwave. If on common oven you can only see how your food is cooked from the front glass panel only, Spoutnik gives you 360-degree view over your pasta, noodle or whatever stuff you cook with it. The transparent dome is not only uniquely beautiful but also helps you observe your food better.

Like to impress your mother-in-law even more? Easy, mate. Just have a little demonstration with some frozen food you have in the fridge. She’ll be totally astounded as Spoutnik starts cooking because this baby lights up in the process. You’ll find it even more similar with the UFO you saw on your dream when you were a kid.

The dome can only open up to 65-degree but that gives you enough room already to perform an exhaustive cleaning. Also, Spoutnik doesn’t seem too bulky, so we’re sure it’ll fit any kitchen counter. Other than that, it’s a very basic freestanding microwave. It does feature an LCD control panel and four preset modes to choose, but then again some existing devices in the market also have those exact features. Spoutnik sells for 179 pounds in the U.K. which are worth $287 here in the U.S.

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