Stair Of The Dog 2022 Is Designed to Help Obese Hounds Climb the Stairs

Saturday, December 29th 2012. | Pets

According to an independent survey, one of three dogs in UK reportedly lives with severe obesity. What’s even more concerning is that by 2022, more than a half of all pooches population in the UK will develop the same condition. At that point, even climbing a set of stairs is enough to extremely wear out this human’s best friend. It is this very fact that inspires the making of Stair Of The Dog 2022.

Stair of The Dog 2022

Basically, Stair Of The Dog 2022 is a special lift designated for overweight mutts. It comprises of two different platforms: one that is set on the floor and the other that is mounted at the top of the device. It is the latter that can gently transport the munching mutts to the upstairs. To get on it, however, they have to step on the raising platform set on the floor first.

Dog Stair Lift

Needless to say, Stair Of The Dog 2022 is originally innovative and will certainly come in handy for those having overweight hounds. According to The Sun, the pressure an overweight dog has to bear upon climbing stairs is enough to stop their heart from beating for good. Nevertheless, no one can deny that it is a sad irony.

Stair Lift for Obese Dog

People in general love fat dogs more than the skinny ones; they look cute and cuddly. Thus, they’re tempted to feed their pooches more than they should do and often with foods dense with fat. However, obesity on dogs can lead to some serious health conditions. The most obvious one is restricted movement that can result in muscle atrophy. So, if you think you care and love your pooches, you’d better love them in a healthy way.

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