Statial Is a Configurable Mice Shell That Gives You the Look of Mad Catz Cyborg RAT Mice

Tuesday, June 18th 2013. | Computer & Accessories

Three years ago, Mad Catz unveiled a new type of gaming mice called Cyborg RAT that looks as if it was sent through a time machine from mankind’s inevitable robotic future. Fully loaded with features, the mice sports a hefty price tag you will think twice before you do the jump-in. Now if you want the same neat look but do not really need the overwhelming features of Cyborg RAT, you might want to consider about having Statial.

Statial mouse by Pyott Design

Crafted by Pyott Design, Statial is a 3D-printed mice shell that promises better grip over your peripheral, thanks to its fully configurable parts. Basically, the shell comprises of five distinctive parts which are hold together by a central locking mechanism, activated with a penny. Yeah, though it looks sleek, the maker forgets about making its own dedicated key to unlock the whole things.

One thing to note here is that Statial is only compatible with the $10 Logitech M100. So, never try to pair it with other mice of your choice. Once you’ve got both products on your work bench, the first thing you have to do is unlocking the shell sections until they become freely loose. Next, take out the M100’s original shell and replace it with Statial. Everything is made to perfectly fit M100’s form factor so you just have to screw it. The video below should make you clear about the process.

At $70, Statial is pretty expensive for a mice shell with no feature on its own. With a few more bucks you can grab a dedicated gaming mouse but if you value ergonomics over functions, it should look like a good buy for you.

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