StickNfind Locates Lost Items in a Snap

Monday, December 3rd 2012. | Gadgets

For lazy heads who spend most of their times in front of their television out there, we know how painful it is to unintentionally lose the remote. You have to struggle to lift that heavy bottom of yours and detach it completely from the sofa to find it. If you know where you lose it, then it’s good but what if you don’t? Pledge a few bucks for StickNfind and you will get everything nicely handled.

sticknfind bluetooth stickers

StickNfind is basically a simple system meant to locate lost stuff. Such a system is definitely not something new but compared to the existing alternatives on the market, it stands out quite much, thanks to the simplicity. It only comprises of a smartphone app and small adhesive tags which are connected to your handset via Bluetooth. Check the introductory video by the developer below!

The app is compatible with all Android and iOS devices, so if you’re still stuck on Blackberry, well, shame on you. As with the adhesive tags, they’re not larger than US 25cent coin; though due to the battery, they’re a tad thicker. Simply stick the tag on your TV remote.When you think you’ve lost it (again), just start the app and you can spot it right away.

virtual leash radar sticknfind

If there is one aspect it StickNfind falls short, it might be that it cannot tell you the direction. The app can display various items you have tagged in a nice radar-like layout but it fails to tell you where you should go. You can easily forgive it, though, once you find that you can make the tag sound and light up right from your smartphone. The preorder price is $35 but once it’s in stock it’ll set your back for$49.95.

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