StormFly Tops Up Your Windows PC with Ubuntu so Kids Won’t Mess It Up

Thursday, February 7th 2013. | Computer & Accessories

Here’s a device that you may consider buying if you have kids to whom you want to introduce the awesomeness of mankind technology starting from your PC. Dubbed as StormFly, it appears as a 16GB USB 3.0 flash drive disguised into casual bracelet and loaded with Ubuntu. The idea is that your kids will have to snap off the bracelet and thrust it in to the port so that they can have their own system on which they can freely wreak havoc. Of course, you will have to set your PC to boot from the USB stick, instead of the installed hard drive.

StormFly by Now Computing

StormFly is invented by a startup named Now Computing that has its base on Barcelona. It was launched to Kickstarter a few days ago and so far, it has been doing very well. The last time we saw it, the amount of cash backed by interested Kickstarters had reached $14,000. If you’re a dad and see this is a much pretty good offering, you can join the fray with a minimum pledge of $60. Check out their video below!

While it sounds good, there are a few compromises bound to accompany StormFly. For starter, you will have to constantly set the BIOS to boot from the USB flash drive prior to giving the access to the children. Teaching them to do it on their own is not an option since they are simply kids. They won’t be listening to your instruction and might set off with the already installed system.

Next, if you’re tech-savvy, you will soon realize that StormFly is a little overpriced. You can get a 16GB USB flash drive from Amazon for only $20. The loaded Ubuntu is a plus but it can’t justify its current price tag since this OS can be downloaded for totally free. Still, the decision is all yours!

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