Submarine Camcorder for Your Underwater Viewing Pleasure

Saturday, February 9th 2013. | Miscellaneous

The last cool spy-style gadget we found from Hammacher Schlemer is the Pen Sized Scanner which enables you to get a quick yet crustal clear scan from any printed documents. Now, they’re back with yet another spy tool that allows you to explore the wealth of underwater world without having to plunge yourself into the deep blue sea. Meet the Submarine Camcorder!

The Submarine Camcorder

In a nutshell, it’s a quasi-HD camera which is disguised into a submarine housing. However, it’s not only for aesthetic purpose. The marine-grade, hydrodynamic ABS, of which the body is made, is designed to withstand enormous pressure that it’s bound to deal with as it dives deeper into the sea. Unfortunately, its motion range is limited by the 100-feet video cable that must be connected to the receiver.

Submarine Camcorder

All controls are made via the users’ laptop, iPad, or any tablets via the accompanying app that looks like a virtual dashboard. From there, users can monitor the depth, direction, battery level and temperature of the surrounding water. There is also a dedicated set of controls for the camera along with the joystick. If I were to have my hands-on with this Submarine Camcorder, I’d use the iPad’s motion sensor to steer this toy, instead of using the virtual joystick.

Submarine Camcorder Apps

There is an array of LED equipped on its body, in case you’re exploring too dark an area. The video is recorded with the resolution of 1280 x 720 while still images are captured with better resolution of 1280 x 800. All files of the images that have been captured are synced automatically with your iPad. However, the video files must wait until the Submarine Camcorder surfaces. It sure is a nice spy toys but I’m sure you’ll back off immediately once you know that its starting price tag is $6,300.

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