Super Mega Mega Toaster Prints a Heart on Morning Brown Loaf

Friday, March 22nd 2013. | Household

Geeky engineers and designers alike are rarely found busy with a project that involves a household appliance. This is to be expected, though, since such tools are pretty basic and most people like them that way. Who wants their fridge to have an LCD display like the Robeys Meneghini La Combusa fridge, anyway? Nevertheless, Scott van Haastrecht thinks that toasting a different pattern on your morning bread may be fun, so he creates the Super Mega Mega Toaster.

Super Mega Mega Toaster

Despite its name, this appliance is still the same size as regular toasters. If anything is different, it is its capability to brown your bread following a particular pattern which the machine thinks has still got a connection with special Day from Google. On Valentine’s Day, for example, the Super Mega Mega Toaster will give you a brown heart pattern on your loaf.

Super Mega Mega Toaster by Scott van Haastrecht

To enable its unique function, users are required to hook it up to their laptop or PC. From there, the accompanying software will download random iconic images from Google based on the current date. One it acquires the image, an Arduino controller built into the Super Mega Mega Toaster will guide the heating elements to toast the bread following the preset pattern. Check it out in action on the Video below!

Such specialty has its own limit, though, that is the fact that it can only handle source images which aren’t larger than 6 x 6 pixels. There is no telling whether Van Haastrecht will make it a commercial product but its al wooden construction makes Super Mega Mega Toaster look very much appealing.

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