Survival Senbei : Edible iPhone 5 Case

Wednesday, November 21st 2012. | Mobile Phones

Far from the east, a senior Japanese rice crackers expert, Mariko, introduced what might be the first iPhone 5 Case that can be literally eaten. Called Survival Senbei, Mariko expects that her work will come in handy when iPhone 5 users get extremely hungry and there is nothing to eat. Of course, that is very unlikely to take place, unless for some reason you’re stranded in an uninhabited island.

Survival Senbei: Edible iPhone 5 Case

For a smartphone case, Survival Senbei almost does nothing good at protecting your handset or at least boosting its appearance. As a matter of fact, on the promotional material from the creator, Mariko herself states that her case will most likely shatter even from a light drop. And believe it or not, she also warns that there is a chance for it to break during the shipping.

If all of those are true then what makes this thing is worth $49? Well, we think Survival Senbei is more like an artwork to appreciate than a functional product to use. Mariko completely relies on his crafty hands to make this and for that reason, she can only make 3 units of such a case.

Obviously, Mariko will wind up in a miserable failure if she insists on marketing her product in the U.S. where we value functions over everything. But in Japanese market where the people are just keen on something that is unusual even though they know that it is ridiculously useless, we guess it might eventually survive. Prior to this, we thought Spraytect, an iPhone case with a pepper spray canister is ridiculous, but this one opens up our mind.

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