Swallowable Parfum : Turns Perspiration Into a Fragrance

Friday, October 28th 2011. | Beauty

Concerns about body odor caused by perspiration is not a big problem if you swallow this perfume before doing the activity. what ? swallow it ? yes, Swallowable Parfum is a perfume on the capsule that can turn perspiration into fragrances. This idea comes from a Netherlands-based artist named Lucy McCrae and she collaborated with synthetic biologist, Sheref Mansy, to develop a prototype.

Swallowable Parfum : Turns Perspiration Into a FragranceOnce absorbed, the capsule enables the skin to become a platform, an atomizer; A biologically enhanced second skin synthesized directly from the natural processes of the body. Fragrance molecules are excreted through the skins surface during perspiration, leaving tiny droplets on the skin that emanate a unique odor. The potency of scent is determined by each individual’s acclimatization to temperature, stress, exercise, or sexual arousal. If you think this is weird, wait until you check the video below :

Swallowable parfum is still in the research phase with no scheduled release date and if you ask me whether I’ll try it when Swallowable perfume was released? No, I prefer to spray as usual rather than having to swallow it.

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