Swash by King Jim Is a Tabletop Washing Machine

Monday, February 11th 2013. | Fashion & Styles, Household

In big cities like New York and Tokyo, space is a premium commodity. People will do everything to get more space, even when they have to work with appliances that are smaller than its normal size, like this Swash. Created by Japan-based company named King Jim, this washing machine is slightly larger than your juicer or food processor. Can’t believe it? You don’t have to, let your eyes witness it below!

Swash Washing Machine by King Jim

Obviously, you will not be able to use it to handle a big pile of dirty clothes of yours. However, if it is just a pair of wet socks or a set of undies, this miniaturized washing machine should be sufficient. Specifically, its container can only house 250 grams of clothes. According to King Jim, a complete wash can take up to 15 minutes but if you just need to get rid of the stinky sweat embedded within the fabric, three minutes of washing will be enough.

The product page is all in Japanese, but it seems that Swash will be offered for 14,700 yen or about $158. However, if you’re willing to make a preorder, you can have it for 700 yen or $8 less. Not much, indeed, but a discount is still a discount. Shipment is scheduled to begin on February 15th, so you still have about a week before you make up your mind.

Just don’t confuse it with your blender, or else, you will drink a juice that tastes like a wet sock. For avid travellers, go for Scrubba Wash Bag.

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