Takara Tomy Robo fish Is a Pet That Doesn’t Need Your Care

Saturday, November 24th 2012. | Toys & Games

My teacher once told me when I was a kid that there is someone who is burnt into fire in his afterlife just because he neglects his pet that eventually leads to its death. I don’t know about you, but I always believe in my teacher’s story even if it doesn’t really make sense. It always reminds me not to have any pet even if I want it so bad. But when I found Takara Tomy Robofish, I know my dream will finally come true.

Takara Tomy Robo Fish

Yeah, this is a pet fish that hardly needs your care. Heck, you just need to insert a battery on the fish robot, turn it on, and toss it in to your aquarium. No need to change the water and clean the aquarium regularly, no need to give it a food day and night, it’s all the freedom that you want. You can just leave it to itself and still impress your girl with your sweet side when she comes around. Check the video below!

Takara Tomy Robofish is programmed to resemble its real counterpart. It can swim up and down using its tail, looking like a real fish searching for provision. Sure, if you take it out of the water, even kids will be able to tell that it’s a toy. But when in water, I believe your girl, especially the blonde one, will not be able to tell the difference. On the flipside, however, this tiny toy is kind of expensive. You need to pay around $38 for each and you may need at least five of such robofish to enliven your aquarium.

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