TechJect Dragonfly : When Nature Inspires Mad Scientists

Wednesday, November 14th 2012. | Toys & Games

Reportedly, a team of creative engineers from Georgia Tech unveiled yet another micro UAV but instead of coming with the same boring design, it attracts lots of eyes with its dragonfly look. Dubbed as TechJect Dragonfly, the micro unmanned aerial vehicle sports four wings, allowing it to rocket forward and hover like most insects do.

dragonfly microuav

TechJect Dragonfly is not larger than an adult’s hand palm which is slightly larger than real dragonflies. It’s only 6-inch long and packs about 0.9 pounds weight. The 250mAh lithium polymer battery can theoretically keep it on the air for 8-10 minutes. Mind you, it takes 4 years of development and no less than $1 million funding to make this tiny aerial robot. In general, there are up to 20 sensors on its head that can be used to serve various purposes, from something as fun as gaming up to a whole serious matter like military scouting. Check its promo video below!

Since its manufacturing primarily revolve around modular customization, Georgia Tech offers 4 types of its TechJect Dragonfly. Each of them bears the name of Alpha, Delta, Gamma, and Omega respectively. Not only are their specifications and functions different, their retail prices in the market somehow form distant gaps.

The Alpha model which is the simplest one is sold for $250, whereas the Omega model which packs the most advanced specs sport a whopping price tag of $1,499.Color variants include yellow, red black, blue, white, green, and orange. To complement users’ experience, TechJect also includes the SDK, allowing developers to free their wildest imagination with its product. In the future, there will also be a number of free apps released at both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Let us hear your thoughts, guys!

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