Telepathy One Aims to Take On the Already Hurt Google Glass

Friday, May 3rd 2013. | Miscellaneous

Google Glass is still yet to hit the shelves but many critics about it have flooded the internet, signifying how its hefty price tag isn’t worth its crippled functionality. Seeing the main player is hurt even before the war begins, other companies attempt to take it on by unveiling competitive devices. A while ago, the Chinese giant, Baidu, unofficially introduced the Baidu Eye. Recently, Telepathy One – a creation of Takahito Iguchi – has just got a proper official announcement to the press in New York.

Telepathy One : Smaller Than Google Glass

Unlike Baidu Eye which is just a rough concept, Telepathy One is almost certain to compete with Google Glass once both devices have been made commercially available. In terms of appearance, Telepathy One doesn’t have anything that resembles a glass. Instead, it looks more like a microphone that is aligned to your eye rather than to your mouth. Using Bluetooth, this wearable allows users to stream any contents from their smartphone to its augmented display. Integrated with a camera, users can also take a snapshot without reaching their handset.

Telepathy One : Google Glass Competitor

While it is not specified what is the resolution of the display and camera, Iguchi claims that it’ll be much better than Google Glass, in a way that it will keep the wearers from being distracted. Pricing details are not disclosed as well but if things work like what he wants, Telepathy One will be offered for half the price of Google Glass, which is $1,500. Now if you still don’t want to dig in that much, you can try your luck with this DIY project called The Beady Eye.

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