TeslaTronix Makes Wireless Electrical Transmission on Low Power Possible

Thursday, February 21st 2013. | Miscellaneous

Wireless electrical transmission is not something that’s going to wow you today. Some smartphone manufacturers and accessory makers have made wireless charging accessible to everyone for a long time. However, there is one flaw with this system; it’s that it requires considerably large power.


In contrast, recent Kickstarter project called TeslaTronix only needs a DC power source capable of transmitting electricity of 5V-35V with a current draw less than 1A. What this means is that you can even power off this Tesla coil using any tiny 9V battery and uses the electric field it creates to light up your florescent or LED lamps.

As it stands now, TeslaTronix Tesla coil is not yet a finished product. However, even with this rough and messy prototype, its potential can be clearly seen. Mind you, the amount of pledge submitted by all backers has exceeded $200,000 and is still counting. The video below doesn’t have the best quality but it’s enough, I suppose, to show you how this thing works.

According to the developer, the finished product will comprise of five main components: the toroid, L1, L2, the board, and the base. You can choose to get this fully assembled or as standalone kits. If you prefer the later, you’ve got to dish out $75 as the $50 backing option has all gone.

I’d recommend that you take the fully assembled model if you’re not much of an electrician or have zero experience with Tesla coil. Its Kickstarter page has clearly stated that you’re bound to get some minor shocks and burns due to error when soldering. Also, when testing the TeslaTronix Tesla coil, you’d better clean the area from any sensitive electronic devices because once it’s activated the surrounding air will be full of considerable electronic current.

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