Tethercell : Battery Adapter for Control Battery Powered Devices from iOS or Android Smartphone

Wednesday, January 23rd 2013. | Mobile Phones

If you are looking a way to control TV remote that used by another people from your own room, Tethercell is the answer. If you are looking for way to control your kid’s annoying toys, Tethercell is the answer. Actually, what is Tethercell? Tethercell is a high tech battery with size AA that can be controlled with Smartphone app. Sample of the Tethercell battery adapter:


Tethercell beside Phone with app

The Advantages of Tethercell Battery Adapter

With Tethercell battery inside a device, remote, kid’s toy, battery powered light, baby monitor, etc; you can switch it on or off with your Smartphone. This battery is also great for set hours when a device can be used. The actual user of the device will have no idea how the device switch off and you can have control of all battery powered devices in your home or office with your Smartphone.  Actually Tethercell battery was designed with AA size, but it can hold AAA battery with using Tethercell small case.

Tethercell Super Easy Set Up

It is easy to set up Tethercell battery. All you need to do is remove one real AA battery from the device that you select. Then change it with your Tethercell battery. If you want to change AAA battery, put the AA Tethercell battery in Tethercell adapter and then replace the missing battery with Tethercell battery. No matter how much batteries the device needs, you only need single Tethercell battery to control it with your Smartphone. Here is the illustration of how to set up the battery:

Installation of Tethercell composited

You can control device with Tethercell battery adapter with iOS devices such as new iPhone series (4S, 5), iPad 3, iPod Touch, and iPad mini. Get the application from App Store and you can connect it from your iOS and other Android devices which has well-matched Smart Bluetooth inside.

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