The $499 RigidBot Takes On the $2,199 Replicator 2

Tuesday, April 2nd 2013. | Computer & Accessories

An old saying has it that we’ll always get what we pay for but if you manage to find some good vendor like Michael Lundwall, you may get much much more from what you pay him for. Just so you know, Lundwall is the creator of RigidBot, a DIY 3D printer whose performance can match that of 2-grand MakerBot’s Replicator2. As a matter of fact, this $499 machine (the planned retail price) beats the Replicator 2 easily in low print resolution. Now that’s the power of DIY-ers!

RigidBot 3D Printer

RigidBot is made in two different sizes. The regular one measures in at 10 x 10 x 10-inch which is quite decent. If that doesn’t suit you well, you can upgrade to the “Big” version whose exact dimension is 12 x 16 x 10-inch. With that size, it’s arguably the largest 3D printer for hobbyists but, of course, you’ve to shell out a little more to get that. It’s launched already at Kickstarter and if its quality can be represented with how fast it reaches the funding goal, you have to know that it exceeded the expectation in just one day. Check out the pitch video!

You can get the PLA Kit for the regular model of RigidBot with a pledge of $325. Don’t worry, according to Lundwall assembling and calibrating the kit won’t get you any headache as all the parts have been precisely made. Still, if you’re not much of a DIY-er, you can opt for the fully assembled model which costs a little more at $399.How do you like it?

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