The Bat by Kibardin Design Is a Mouse That Floats Like a UFO

Monday, March 4th 2013. | Computer & Accessories

Some people are just too attached to a scarce fantasy whose real existence has not been proven yet such as a floating alien spaceship popularly termed as UFO. I can assume that Vadim Kibardin fits the said stereotype because its latest creation seems to be heavily inspired by an unidentified flying object. Dubbed as The Bat, this mouse floats above its pad when left idle.

The Bat : Floating Mouse by kibardin design

The secret sauce of his super fancy peripheral is on the magnetic mechanism built into both the pad and the mouse. This mechanism prevents the mouse from lying on the pad surface while also lifting it stably on the air. It might not have the same smart functionality like Ego! Smartmouse, but for geeks, nothing beats its slick neatness.

The Bat : Levitating Wireless Computer Mouse

Anyway, the creator of The Bat doesn’t design this contraption just for show off. It is meant to serve a purpose which, in this case, is rather unexpected. According to Kibardin Design, this mouse is supposed to alleviate the numbness caused by carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s an illness commonly suffered by hardcore gamers and computer users alike. The trigger is the damaged nerve on the wrist that is worsened by the pressure made by the weight of your hands and the hard surface of the desk.

Since The Bat is always floating in the air – unless you’re extremely obese – the pressure that causes the damage on the nerve can be reduced to practically zero. Knowing this, I wish all remedies were packed in such a neat and fancy appearance like this.

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